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Nariz Point Treasure Beach

Area: 7.9946 hectares

Status: Titled

Travel Time: 3 hours from Puerto Princesa City

Total Price:$ 480,000.00


  1. A thousand full bearing coconut trees
  2. 212 meters long by 20 meters wide crescent shape beachfront
  3. Silver white fine sand mixed with silica crystals
  4. From shoreline, sandy land extends 60 meters inland before ascending 4 meters where you have an overlooking portion of the entire beach area
  5. Located at Nariz Point near the mouth of Caramay River. This is where numerous Japanese Treasures where buried during World War II.
  6. About four kilometers from national hi-way with access road.
  7. Primary school less than one kilometer away.
  8. 26 kilometers away from Brooke's Point Town center.
  9. Beach area is suitable for swimming, sunbathing, surfing and jetskiing.
  10. Clean and serene atmosphere, perfect for resort development or vacation, rest house.