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3 has

Php 12 Million

Nagbutoc, Taytay

Whitesand, planted with plum, casoy and coconut trees, clear crystal water.

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4.2 has

Php 700,000.00

the cheapest!

Dipla, Taytay

Whitesand, planted with coconut  and cashew trees

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186 has

Php 93 Million

Calabadiang Island Taytay, Palawan

Possessed several spring water, whitesand beach, planted with coconut trees, untouched coral reefs, world renowned diving destination.  Ready for titling.

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33.2703 Hectares

Php 15 Million

Malaipo Island, Taytay

An island with a long white beach with crystal clear water & with coconut trees, cashew and other Fruit bearing trees..

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45 hectares

Php 22.5 Million

Sitio Sabang, Debangan, Taytay

 The Island is characterized by mountainous terrain features and white sand beaches. Once developed this place can be turn into a perfect International Beach Club.


Other Northern Palawan Islands for Sale

Name of Island Location Area (hectares) Status (Price) Php
Tagbolo Island Cuyo 20 Titled 20M
Silad Island Agutaya 65 Rights 8M
An Island in Roxas Roxas 27 Titled 25M
Johnson Island Roxas 2 Rights 2M
Puerco Island Roxas 2.5 Titled 45M
Maosonon Island Taytay 30 Titled 60M
Cagdanao Island Taytay 135 Rights 80M
Part of Albaguen Island Fort Barton 5 Rights 3M
Part of Boayan Island Fort Barton 12 Rights 6M
Endeavor Island Fort Barton 25 Titled 50M
Nagulon Island San Vicente 36 Titled 36M

Note: All prices are in Philippine Peso and are negotiable