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Bringing a piece of Palawan to you! Invest in the Philippine's Last Frontier! Own a piece of paradise! "The best investment on earth is earth" Invest in Islands, Beachfronts, Residential Properties, Commercial Sites and Farmlands... "Deal only with licensed real estate broker"

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Ways to Invest in Palawan Real Estate


Ways you can invest your money in real estate


How to get Cheap Real Estate in Palawan


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Ways that you can invest your money in real estate:

bulletLand Banking - you buy the property and speculate its value in the future. Usually land bankers buy properties that is located near or within future big private or government projects. Land bankers are good in looking at Developmental Projects and Zoning of the Province and City. They purchase the property which likely would have higher resale value in the future.


bulletBuy and Sell - while land banking speculates buy and sell has a ready and able buyer/s. People engage in this kind of business are called "Realtors". Here's how: You buy a property, say a big beachfront properties, for P 100.00/square meter. and sell them double the price to a single buyer or subdivide the lot into smaller areas, and sell it to your friends or clients for P200/square meter or more. Of course you'll spend considerable amounts for surveying and subdividing. And you must have a keen eye in evaluating properties with high resale value.

How to get cheap Real Estate in Palawan:

bulletTax Delinquent Auction - This usually refer to properties with unpaid tax obligation posted by the City Tax Division for public auction. The mechanic is you pay for their tax dues and wait for one year. If the owner will not pay you plus interest for your money within that year, you automatically get the property.


bulletOwners in Distress - Due to urgent need of money owner's will give their properties for a bargain. This usually happens during emergency cases (such as accidents, foreclosures, etc.). It's really a bargain... you can get this kind of bargain by chance or luck. But a good relationship with a brokerage office (such as us) will increase your chance. Distressed owners usually go to people whom they think will help them fast, and a realty office is one of their best option.


bulletForeclosed Properties From Informal Lending Institutions - These lenders usually charge high interest (accumulated) for the loans, shorter loan period and a low face value (usually 60% and below of the assessed value of the property). This means that almost every day many lending contracts expired, thus sending owner's into distress. The owners have to choose between selling their properties cheap or having it foreclosed by the lender.


bulletForeclosed Properties From Banks - Cheap Foreclosed properties from banks are usually hard to find in Palawan. But you can sometimes get a good deal when you chose to buy commercial properties. This because the present market price of commercial properties in Palawan are really high due to lack of area. Another reasons for unsound investment in foreclosed properties by banks in Palawan was loan officers tend to assess subject properties high and prices were bloated due to speculation of real estate boom that time. Unfortunately it did not happened as for the moment because of the terrorist activities.


bulletLoan Redemption - Yes! you can be a redemptor of loans. You could redeem real estate loans from loan sharks in a slightly lower interest with humanitarian kind of computation (straight line).  The mechanics is that you pay for their dues and the owner will execute a deed of sale with redemption clause (pacto de retro). This means that you bought their property but they have the right to repurchase the property from you.


bulletBuy Rights - Many people are afraid of buying lands without title. But if you are a wise investor, lands ready for title (Alienable and Disposable) are cheaper and you can make a good bargain. Of course you will have to spend for the titling of the property in your name.  The mechanics are: you pay the owner to waive his rights to the land in your name then you process the titling. Palawan being the last frontier has vast tracts of Alienable and Disposable land some even cost as low as P5.00/sqm  and lower depending on the area size and location. Beware of buying rights on "Timberlands" since you will never have them titled.

Don't have enough cash?:

Here are some options that you can still invest in real estate if your budget for your business plan would not allow for a property purchase:

bulletLease - You can lease the property with the owner. Draft a lease contract. Then you can now go on with your business. Payment of lease property is regular and fixed as stated in the contract.


bulletJoint Venture - You may find someone to join you with your venture. This can be the owner of the lot. In this case the owner of the land will have his share depending on the business profit or loss.

I don't have cash!:

bulletThen Be my Buyer's Agent - You could refer someone who is interested and capable of buying Palawan leisure properties and you will get your referral fee or agent's commission. Referral Fee (you just refer a buyer to me) is 10% and Agents Fee (you work hard and facilitate everything in behalf of the buyer) is 35% to 50% of the the net profit from the deal.

            Please email me direct at: or call my SMART mobile phone (63) 919-5665-964. As a Licensed Restate Broker I seldom stay at my office and I personally screen my agents. So it would better you contact me on my mobile phone or my mobile e-mail add and get in touch with me quick.

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